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Are you Ready to Discover the Real You?

Experience Stargate Meditations

A Doorway to Other Dimensions

Tropical Beach

Offerings & What to Expect


Stargate Guided Group Meditations

One on One Channelled Readings with Messages from your Higher Self/Guides

The Joy of Laughter (Laughter Yoga Classes) 

Angel Oracle Card Readings

How to Open your Own door to Channelling (One on One or small Group Classes)

Goddess Circles (Different Themes)

Couples & Singles Heart-Opening Circles

What to Expect:

Awaken to your own innate skills & abilities

Increased feelings of love, joy & peace

Improved mental clarity

Understanding principles of creation in the quantum field

Connection to your own Superconsciousness (Higher Self)

Peace and excitement towards the future

   Confidence to understand your purpose & reach your goals


Messages from the beyond
Unlock your innate abilities